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The situations in the film are amusing, and the antagonists don’t seem to convey a sense of danger, seem to be dumb, and also seem to have mental problems with what it means to be a bloodthirsty and dangerous villain, which becomes the payoff of every scene, sponsored by the villains (and the director, if not). Ultimately, Batman lost all respect with this film, and both this and ‘Batman & Robin’ should not be considered part of the Batman saga, but part of a deadly experiment conducted by a machine mind with the goal of trying new formulas with trendy characters. Coincidentally, he didn’t go with it because, «Can you imagine how the series would have developed if these movies had won?» We might never have seen the dark Batman we all adored before. Result: the story is entertaining and told with pace (though inconsistent and bulky, and as time goes on you see more errors in its storytelling than you did at the time of its release); the aesthetic is very comic and works (but so much color gets old Its greatest success is also its greatest failure: it never takes itself seriously. As a result, it works, but it also ruins everything before it….

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«Fans of Burton’s fantastical style and lightness will end up satisfied. Those looking for a meaningful plot and coherent characterization will leave the theater early (…) Score: ★★★★ (out of 5)»

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Elliot Goldenthal was chosen by Schumacher himself before writing the screenplay, although several composers were hired during filming. In conversation with the director, Schumacher demanded Goldenthal write a new composition avoiding the influence of his predecessor Danny Elfman,[25] however the Elfman piece used in the previous 1989 installment was used during the theatrical trailers.[26] In one scene Dr. Chase Meridian tells him that he has to write a new composition to avoid the influence of his predecessor Danny Elfman,[27] and that he has to write a new score.

In one scene Dr. Chase Meridian says to Batman, «What do I need to get your attention, a skintight leather suit and a whip?» (a reference to Catwoman, the villain of Batman Returns, this film’s predecessor). Another where Dick thinks Bruce’s parents weren’t killed by a maniac to which Bruce replies that he does allude to Joker in the first installment.

In the scene where Edward Nygma takes over Fred Stickley’s mind, at one point he tells him «You’re the next contestant on Brain Drain!». «Brain Drain» is an album by the Punk rock band The Ramones.

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We must admit that the movie is not bad at all, the problem with this movie is that the first two, (especially the first one which for me is a masterpiece and the best adaptation of the comic to the cinema), were very good and having to make a third installment in these conditions is very risky because of the comparisons that will inevitably arise when Tim Burton set the bar so high. … but come on, in short the movie is very good, logically Tim Burton’s Batman is much better than Batman Forever, but it has very well worked scenes, there is a lot of action that was not seen in Batman Returns and very intense moments of fighting.

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I certainly liked it, not as much as Batman and Batman Returns, but Batman Forever is not bad. It’s true that it contains scenes of dullness that you don’t understand why and a great variety of garish colored lights that has nothing to do with the dark scenes of Tim Burton’s Batman and that from my point of view, it was a great mistake of Schumacher not to respect the darkness of the first two.

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