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It’s not as simple as it sounds to run a store. Restaurants, clothing or grocery stores struggle every day to keep track of cash register movements, staff, customers, the factory and cash inflows and outflows. That’s a lot of data to sort through to know what happened in the past, what’s happening now and how to behave in the future. «A point-of-sale (POS) terminal is a system that helps a retail establishment manage sales-related tasks, such as charging by credit or debit card, preparing and printing a sales receipt, managing inventory or generating reports that support business management, among others.» Thus, the choice of a POS terminal is probably the most important technical decision for a retailer. The problem is that it is very difficult to make a decision and choose the POS that best suits the business. And if we want to save money and look for a free POS, the complexity of finding the most suitable software increases logically.

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Free point-of-sale software exists, although you’ll still have to buy the hardware, whether it’s a complete cash register, scanner and printer combination or simply a desktop or tablet computer.

This collection includes several open source options, some completely free (which is rare, both in POS solutions and software in general) and one freemium product. Most are for local installation (except where otherwise specified) and are presented in alphabetical order.

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It is one of many solutions on this list whose creators are very active. Chromis founder John L. is very involved in the day-to-day running of the project, so many new features and bug fixes come directly from user suggestions.

You can use tablets to work with Floreant in your restaurant and get the POS right to the customers’ tables. On the other hand, the bar tab feature pre-authorizes cards and collects bills from customers.

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