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It is possible that what is said about the Japanese may be: myth, exaggerations, half-truths, etc. But after the March ’11 tsunami it became clear to me and there is evidence that they are people who even in the midst of one of the greatest tragedies they have ever experienced are loyal to their community, orderly and disciplined, they are quite stoic and strong, I see a future ahead for this society, if this did not finish them, it made them stronger.

Of what you mention in your first point, I certainly say it from experience but I once forgot my briefcase on a train and a coworker forgot his laptop and everything came back fine, you just go to lost things and they send an employee to get your things and they take them to you.

I lost my cell phone once and had to fill out a form at a police station, it took me 10 minutes and they took care of me in Spanish (on the phone) and two weeks later they called me to go get it because someone found it.

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Here is one of the videos that has caused a lot of controversy due to its subject matter. In it, Carlos Kasuga compares Japan and Mexico, and highlights a very important value that few Mexicans know and practice: honesty.

In the video, Osaka highlights the most important aspects of Japanese culture and compares them with what we Mexicans do. «In Japan we are educated under the principle that if it’s not yours, it must belong to someone else.    In Mexico we have to spend on police, security, safes, alarms because we are not educated under the principle that if it’s not yours, it must belong to someone.»

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«The difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary is only in the extra, let’s always, every day be willing to give that extra and you will see that Mexico has all the potential to be a great world power. All we need is for all of us to be willing to give that extra,» he continued.

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The following essay is about a fantastic speech by Dr. Carlos Kasuga Otaka, who is currently the Chairman of the Board of Yakult, and in which he mentions that to be a great entrepreneur you have to follow four steps: This summary is based on Carlos Kasuga Osaka’s presentation at the conference. Carlos Kasuga Osaka is the son of Japanese immigrants who had the option of settling in Mexico and were educated in this country by Japanese parents. Passionate and successful, Carlos Kasuga considers that the fact of having been born within Japanese customs in the national territory has allowed him to make a cultural comparison and, as a result, share his method to achieve success, which he describes as «more than a methodology or a discipline, it is a way of life», affirming that «quality is a way of life», and that In this paper, I will talk about the importance of imports and exports, as well as the importance of these for countries. I will discuss agreements and treaties between countries for the facilitation and trade of goods and services, and define the economic concepts associated with these activities.

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