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The young Anni B Sweet sings in English and in this work she abandons her more innocent face and moves to a different profile. The themes of Chasing Illusions, are personal compositions, in which the singer-songwriter addresses issues of her environment. She has revealed that the composition ‘Whatch me shoot you’, apart from being a tribute to Nancy Sinatra is also a message to those who have behaved badly with her or that ‘Everyone talks’ is directly related to social networks.

In short, an album where Anni B Sweet goes from a profile of singer-songwriter to a very active composer both on stage and in her songs that have more weight and sonority than her previous ones, it can be said that it is an evolution.

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The illusions that Anni B Sweet is pursuing in her third album are being fulfilled little by little. If last week we could give the news of its strong entry in the official sales charts, in the 11th position, the strongest entry next to Madonna and the highest of his career, today we report that a week before his first concert in Madrid (Sunday March 29 at the Círculo de Bellas Ar… [+] More…

The Anni B Sweet universe is so rich that we have not been able to leave in oblivion songs that she composed in the stage of her second album «Oh, Monsters!», with which she has carried out a successful tour around the country. After the success of «Oh, Monsters!», Anni has recently published ¨Ridiculous Games EP¨ where she has the collaboration of Noni from Lori Meyers. The next September 26th, Anni will be… [+] More…

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One of the tracks on the album, «Drive», tells of a habit: «I made it in the car, which is my place to compose. I leave the cell phone recording and sing. I even make the instruments (it imitates a drum or piano sound). Sometimes, I’m walking down the street and an idea comes to me. I pick up my cell phone and hit the recorder and pretend I’m having a conversation while humming so it gets recorded. It makes me very angry to lose good ideas. I have many hours in the car, I’ve done many times the road from Madrid to Granada in the early hours of the morning. You’re alone on the road and you start to wander a bit and good things come», she explains.

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In the new album «Chasing illusions», Anni B Sweet lowers the darkness of «Oh! Monsters» and embraces the light. For her, the change has been «very organic»; it’s the result of «changing city (Granada), meeting someone…» If her first album was the most folk and the second the most rock, this third one is pure pop. Songs to overcome the low blows of heartbreak and other misfortunes.

Tell us what you’ve been listening to, because it seems to have energized you. For example, Fleetwood Mac. I love them. Also The Who, The Alan Parsons Project… And to say a new group -I’m very classic-, Tennis; I’ve been listening to them a lot and they have helped me in this new pop phase.

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Some songs sound like soundtracks from the 80’s. Maybe I am inspired by the visuals. I like photography a lot, although I haven’t taken good pictures yet, as far as I know. While I was making the album, I also watched a lot of movies.

«Everyone Talks» is about how much people talk. Yes, especially now, with social media. People get upset about other people’s happiness. They write whatever. But I try to downplay all that.

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