Cancion de los legionarios soy el novio de la muerte letra

Cancion de los legionarios soy el novio de la muerte letra

📘 death is not the end lyrics

It is a song linked to the legion and specifically to that legion of Millán Astray (as can be seen in «Mientras dure la guerra», the film by Alejandro Amenabar) that participated from the first moment in the military uprising of 1936 against the Republican Government, which Vox has precisely used in a civil protest in Madrid. But what is its origin? There are several versions. One is based on an event that happened in Morocco during the Rif War, when the officer holding the flag died in January in a forward position. His death became an emblem, pure military imagery. It is said that in the soldier’s pockets was found a piece of paper with some verses he had written to his girlfriend. It would be part of the lyrics that would later be used in this military hymn. The truth is that there is not much evidence to ratify all this, but it still survives in the memory of many.

What is intended is to spread a code of renunciation of life, of surrender to pain and sacrifice, and of contempt for death. Miguel de Unamuno, in that famous meeting that took place in the auditorium of the University of Salamanca, did not take long to bring out the contradiction to this idea put forward by Millán Astray. When they shouted at him: «Long live death!», which is what this song praises, he answered: «Let life die». With these simple words the philosopher disarmed so much intellectuality.

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🌷 the legionnaire’s song

As the historian tells us «the Legion has three historical songs: ‘Tercios Heroicos’, ‘La canción del legionario’y ‘El novio de la muerte'». «‘Heroic Thirds’ is the first Official Hymn of the Legion», Luis tells us.

The legionary knights carry the Christ of Mena on their shoulders while singing ‘El novio de la muerte’. In the afternoon-evening, the Legion parades behind the throne through the streets of Malaga continuously singing ‘El novio de la muerte’.

It is a piece written by Fidel Prado and composed by Juan Costa Casalsy and interpreted by the cupletista Lola Montes. «It is a work that was initially written for cafes and cabarets, that is, it is not a military piece,» explains the historian.

Much is said and told if behind ‘El novio de la muerte’ there is a real story, if there was or not that legionnaire who really wrote a letter to his girlfriend in which he said goodbye before dying, as reflected in the lyrics.

😂 el novio de la muerte lyrics español

As you could read in Defensa y Aviación «El novio de la muerte» was premiered in Malaga in 1921, with lyrics by Fidel Prado Duque and score by Juan Costa Casals, and immediately became popular in the Legion. In 1952 the then director of the Legion Band, Ángel García Ruiz, adapted the song to the rhythm of the processional marches of the Holy Week of Ceuta, beginning to sing the slow version that is today the most popular. That processional version is the one heard in this video that the Legion has published on its Youtube channel, in which we see legionaries from different eras (and also a few guests) singing this famous hymn:

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🌜 heroic tercios

A few hours later, when they were retreating to protect some roads, their squadron was attacked. A premonition that foreshadowed the future singing of El novio de la muerte, because this tremendous story was the one that inspired the journalist Juan Costa to write the song. Lola Montes went out dressed as a nurse to the stages of Melilla, and the success was such that she had to perform it several times in a row before the delirium of the troops in need of encouragement after everything that was happening in the then protectorate of Morocco». That Bridegroom of Death resounds every Maundy Thursday in Má- laga on every corner, and its impact continues to be extraordinary. Tens of thousands of people throng the streets to see the aesthetics of the procession, which is second to none.

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