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Last Wednesday started a new edition of Maestros de la costura, and of all its participants, there was one that could sound to more than one: Lara Sajen. Lara has a profile that could well be classified as VIP, despite the fact that she competes as an anonymous contestant.

Lara is another example of how thin is the line that separates a famous person from an anonymous one in certain reality shows and talents; in fact, she has participated in the daily edition of Ven a cenar conmigo, as anonymous, when she could have participated in the Gourmet or the Summer Edition.

Does anyone remember, for example, Nekal Haidari, Felisa Gómez or Wilma González from Supervivientes and why they were known, famous? Was Javier Tudela a VIP when he entered Gran Hermano, if nobody knew anything about him beyond the fact that he existed and that he was Makoke’s son? Does it make you a celebrity to have worked in a famous person’s house, as it happened to Laura Cuevas?

Among others, we can remember how Yago Hermida, after often appearing with Yola Berrocal in Crónicas Marcianas, entered as anonymous in Gran Hermano, or how Óscar from Gran Hermano 3 entered Cuatro’s Money Money, ignoring his era of fame in which he even worked under the orders of María Teresa Campos.

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Network users began to mobilize under the hashtag #YoSoyTravesti and many Drag Queens also uploaded their own videos in which they explained what it meant to be a transvestite, both the effort and the stigma and what they had felt with the video of La Pelopony.

Some brought up old videos of other controversies of the Catalan artist who they accused of being a fatphobe, but there were even those who went too far and brought up old photographs of the singer, something that other followers reproached them for.

But undoubtedly the words that resonated the most against the former contestant of Supervivientes have been those of another former contestant, although in this case of Maestros de la Costura, Lara Sajén, who was at the gates of the final in the second edition of the fashion reality show.

The hashtag #BastaYa was used to give greater visibility and, according to the nearly 21,500 views of the video, it has worked, in addition to the fact that many people have thanked her for putting into words what they felt.

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Updated on March 29, 2021, 00:47 We already have eighth name confirmed to travel to Honduras and participate in the most extreme reality show in the Mediaset universe. It is Lara Sajen and although for many she is a real unknown, the truth is that she is not a newcomer to the world of television. Lara Sajen follows in the wake of Mahi Masegosa and, after participating in the second edition of ‘Maestros de la costura’, of La 1, makes the leap to Telecinco to take part in ‘Supervivientes 2021’. Lara was at the gates of the final in the sewing contest, but that has not discouraged her to accept to jump from the helicopter in the warm waters of Cayo Cochinos.

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«I get the impression that you demand too much of yourself and that when the situation overcomes you, you fall down,» said María Escoté to Lara. «This tuxedo has many mistakes, you lack planning,» said Lorenzo Caprile. For his part, Palomo recognized the good thing about her work: «You have chosen some beautiful fabrics».

«We are quite worried that you are not making progress and that you are stuck in what you already know. Your level is below what is required at this point and even below your own level,» said a categorical Palomo about the result of Lara’s tuxedo.

«My time has come. I want to continue learning pattern making, I didn’t even know how to place a pattern and today I can say that I have respect for the fabric and that’s thanks to this program,» said the Argentinean in tears.

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