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Are you an EU citizen working and living in Germany and would like to bring your spouse with you to Germany? As an EU citizen you enjoy the right of free movement, which allows your spouse and children to live and work in Germany. Depending on the nationality of your family members, you may require a special residence permit.

If your spouse is a citizen of an EU or EEA country, it will be very easy for him/her to immigrate to Germany. Moreover, he/she will be able to work and live without any restrictions in Germany and will not need to apply for a special residence permit.

Spouses with a visa requirement for entry into Germany must apply for a visa at the German embassy or consulate. You will find a list of German representations abroad in our atlas «Advice points».

In order to apply for a visa to join your spouse, you will generally need to present your passport and a marriage certificate or proof of civil partnership (Verpartnerung). Please ask the responsible German embassy which other documents are required.

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To enforce this right, the consumer must present the receipt or invoice, or any other document that proves the purchase, such as a credit card voucher or account statement if he/she is a customer of the multistore.

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You have a period of three months since you purchased the product to claim and request compensation from the seller, importer or manufacturer, as long as it is not due to a fault caused by you (carelessness or misuse). Food or perishable products are guaranteed for the period indicated on the package or a maximum of 7 days. This is an automatic guarantee provided by law. If you purchased with a warranty policy, the one that extends the longest will apply.

However, contracts may not contain abusive clauses, such as those in which the company dissociates itself in advance from its responsibility in case of non-compliance. Nor can they contain clauses in which one of the parties can change the conditions.

Only when you have made a purchase over the Internet or when the seller has summoned you to a meeting and you have signed the contract at that very moment (for example, in timeshare sales events), you can unilaterally terminate the contract up to ten days after you have signed it or since you have received the product.

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In the case of FitGames, one of the most important national competitions, the event was held in December 2021, where she competed in the RX category, the maximum in Venezuela. «I reached the second place as Runner-up 2021. And in the 40-person Wodapalooza qualifier I placed 20th, right in the middle. It was one of the strongest qualifiers I’ve done in my crossfit career,» she confesses.

Preparing for the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival has been a tough process for Vicentelli. After the FitGames, she was not at the peak of her ability. For her, she relates, it was tough training and a bit complicated on an emotional level as well. «I was feeling stress because I was also getting my passport and had to comply with all the paperwork in Venezuela that is required to travel. Also, I was talking to sponsors to help me get to Miami because it is quite expensive to travel,» she explains.

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He started with regular classes, three times a week, at a box called 354 in Cuenca, Ecuador with the local coach. Then he started training at La Jaula and his coach, for a long time, was Israel Moncayo. «He was the coach who made me what I am, the basis of what crossfit was for me and who motivated me to compete,» he adds.

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